When do I Need New Tires

When do I Need New Tires

Tire age

You may think that if your tires look new, they are actually eligible for usage. Unfortunately, that is not true. There are many factors that determine whether a particular tire of your car needs replacement or not. The optimal time for usage or lifespan is approximately 10 years. After this period tires become to lose their optimal qualities and can reduce the performance of your car or worse could cause more serious obstacles. Their age is important, so be cautious especially when you are buying part-worn tires. In the last paragraph of the current article, you will find information on how to determine the manufacturing date. Tire age is a crucial indicator even for your spare tire. Open the hood of your car and replace it immediately with a new one if the time of usage and its best years had passed a long ago.

Tread wear

Your tires are not eternal and they will wear with time for sure. All you can do is to facilitate the balanced wear by regular rotations of the tires performed every 6 months. Besides that, you should create a habit to look for uneven wear, the presence of blisters, bulges, nails or tiny rocks each time you leave your car in the nearest service centre.

Climate and seasons

Climate is a crucial factor in defining whether you need new tires or not. If you live in England, you can use all-season tires throughout the whole year as the winters are soft and snow cover does not last for more than a couple of days. However, if you live in Germany for example, you will need 2 sets of tires – summer and winter. So, the climate is an important issue what type of tires you need.

How to check the manufacturing date

It is an easy task. All you should do is to have a look at the elaborate code located on the sidewall of each tire. There you can find a special DOT number with four digits – for instance, DOT 0518. The first two numbers “05” display the week of manufacturing while the last two “18” stand for the year of manufacturing. So, in that case, the date is the fifth week of 2018.

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