Buying Electric Cars: All you Need to Know

Buying Electric Cars: All you Need to Know

What is an electric car

This type of car is a new-generation vehicle that uses electricity as a source of energy generated through special rechargeable batteries. The latter can be charged in special stations or even in your own garage. You probably have heard of hybrid cars. They act differently in comparison with electric cars. Hybrids are set in motion through gasoline but they use a battery for enhancing the fuel consumption. Electric cars use only electricity as a major force for motion.

Pros and cons

Electric cars have some distinctive pros and cons that most of you cannot make a compromise of. Follow our list with the strengths and weaknesses of the new generation of cars.


  • silent and very fast – if it is your first time in such a car, you may feel that you are living in the future in 2200. Electric cars accelerate very fast and they are so quiet that you can feel every unevenness on the road;
  • easy to charge – you can charge your electric car at home. Imagine that you will not be obliged to go to the gas station every time your battery is low. Perhaps if you live in an apartment, you will face more troubles but in larger cities, there are enough places for charging though;
  • eco-friendly – have less impact on the environment compared to common petrol vehicles;
  • not pricey to operate – all you have to maintain is to look after your tires. Electric cars do not own exhausting systems, the maintenance costs are reduced. They are definitely eco-friendly.


  • range anxiety – this term best describes the main disadvantage of electric cars. You should plan very carefully your highway trips as the vehicles may recover maximum to 400 km;
  • long time for recharging;
  • restricted choice – if you intend to buy an electric car, the choice could be mainly between small hybrids or Tesla;
  • high prices – they are still comparatively expensive and a few could afford to buy such a vehicle. The price range is 35 000 – 45 000 dollars. Luckily, some countries like Romania offer lucrative subsidiary for those who want to acquire electric vehicles.

Best electric cars for 2020

More and more car manufacturers get into a fierce competition for conquering this new niche. Here is our choice of top models for 2020:

  • Volvo XC40 EV;
  • Polestar 2;
  • Porsche Taycan;
  • Tesla Model Y;
  • Rivian R1T;
  • Volkswagen ID4;
  • Mercedes-Benz EQC.

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